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Free Wedding Album Templates:
Custom Wedding Photo Book Designs and Layouts

Finding free wedding album templates to help you make beautiful custom wedding photo books online is actually easier than you think.

Using custom designs and templates in a wedding album or photo book is a great way to showcase all those beautiful photos from your wedding. They help to tie in the theme of the wedding itself with the photos you took, and give your wedding photo book a beautiful ultra-designer look.

Why Use Wedding Book Templates?

The best thing about using wedding album templates when you design your wedding memory book? They can elevate any wedding book. Whether you opt for one of Picaboo's flush mount wedding photo books (read more about these at my "High Quality Photo Books" page) or a simple softcover number, a beautiful wedding photo book template will always make your album look expensive.

The best thing about using these designs and templates for a wedding album? With the best photo book printers, they always come free-- you never should have to pay extra.

Using Custom Wedding Album Templates

With most custom wedding photo book printers, using the backgrounds and templates provided is easy. All you have to do is click and choose. (You can read more about this on my photo book backgrounds page.)

Choose a Wedding Album Theme

The first thing you need when choosing which free wedding album template to use? First, you've got to decide on the theme you want.

Was the tone of your wedding understated and elegant, off-beat and funky, clean and modern, old fashioned and romantic, or... just you Most digital wedding album printing services offer enough templates that you'll have no problem finding something to match the look and feel of your wedding.

Choosing the Photo Book Printer for your Theme

After you've nailed down what kind of look and feel you're looking for from your wedding photo book template, it's time to look for a photo book printer to design the photo book itself.

Want Some Help? Below, we've researched six different wedding album printers to save you some time, and to give you a sample of what kinds of free wedding album templates they offer.

Tip: The theme/template names themselves will often give you an idea if the publisher will have what you're looking for. For instance ... Shutterfly's "Yellow Roses" would be perfect if your wedding colors were yellow and/or the bride carried a yellow rose bouquet. MyCanvas has a beautiful "Orchids and Lillies" theme if those are your favorite flowers or were in your wedding.

Picaboo Wedding Album Designs and Templates

There's a reason why is the first printer on my list. If you've got the budget, they're always my first choice for wedding photo books.

Why? Because they offer the greatest variety of wedding book templates and actual book designs for a wedding than any othe printer-- they have more wedding photo book themes than I could ever possibly outline here. They have an entire gallery of photo album templates and backgrounds, some made by special designers, and some created by users. The variety is endless.

Just to give you a taste, a couple of my favorite wedding photo book templates at Picaboo are:

Wedding Flowers and Wedding Fabrics.

Picaboo Wedding Flowers Picaboo Wedding Fabrics
Wedding Flowers Wedding Fabrics

Very pretty, very wedding-y. And totally customizable. A good choice for most brides.

Visit our Picaboo Templates and Backgrounds page to find out more about Picaboo's selection of free wedding album templates. Or go directly to Picaboo to download their free software and play around with wedding templates and backgrounds yourself.

Shutterfly's Wedding Album Designs offers many wedding themes: Classic Wedding (not shown because the color is too faint, but is white pages with light gray flowers in corners), Pink Roses, Linen Weave, Yellow Roses, Elegant Wedding, Elegant Lace, Romance, Wedding Blush, and Pink Wash (not shown because very similar to Wedding Blush).

Shutterfly Pink Roses Shutterfly Elegant Lace Shutterfly Romance
Pink Roses Elegant Lace Romance
Shutterfly Elegant Wedding Shutterfly Yellow Roses Shutterfly Linen Weave Shutterfly Wedding Blush
Elegant Wedding Yellow Roses Linen Weave Wedding Blush
There are also a lot more photo album designs and templates at Shutterfly that, while not specifically designed for weddings, will work well for a fun and modern wedding photo book. So look around at Shutterfly's wedding section, play around with their designs and templates, and see what you come up with.

PhotoWorks Wedding Photobook Templates

PhotoWorks offers two different wedding themes: Damask Wedding Memories and Clematis (Grey).

PhotoWorks Damask Wedding Memories
Damask Wedding Memories

PhotoWorks Clematis (Grey)
Clematis (Grey)

OurHubbub's Wedding Photo Albums offers two wedding themes: Wedding Modern and Wedding Traditional. Wedding Modern has 44 backgrounds and Wedding Modern has 74 backgrounds. We are showing only a small sample of what's available at OurHubbub.

OurHubbub Wedding Modern
Wedding Modern

OurHubbub Wedding Traditional
Wedding Traditional

Snapfish's Wedding Photo Book Templates has four wedding themes: Modern Scroll, Elegant, Floral Trends and Studio. Studio is not being shown because it's basically white backgrounds with full page bleeds.

Snapfish Modern Scroll Snapfish Modern Scroll
Modern Scroll
Snapfish Elegant Snapfish Elegant
Snapfish Floral Trends Snapfish Floral Trends
Floral Trends's Free Wedding Album Templates has five wedding themes: Sophisticated Wedding (plain black background), Elegant Wedding, Orchids and Lillies, Modern Wedding and Formal Wedding.

MyCanvas Elegant Wedding MyCanvas Orchids and Lillies MyCanvas Formal Wedding
Elegant Wedding Orchids and Lillies Formal Wedding
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