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Walmart Photo Books Review:
Walmart's Personalize Photo Book Service

When to comes to writing up a Walmart photo books review, it's easy. Because I've already done it. Because Walmart's photobook system is the same as Walgreens. And both Walmart and Walgreens are powered by's system for photo book creation.

What does this mean for you if you're shopping for a Walmark photo book? It means that Walmart offers the same functionality in the software they use. There is a pricing difference, however: Walmart's prices are a couple dollars less than Walgreens.

Plus, a lot of customers are already having photos developed via Walmart. So if you are already uploading your pictures to this site, it might be easier to just design a photo book at Walmart as well.

Updated: August 08, 2010

Walmart Photo Book Review

Comparative Photo Book Software Review

As discussed above, Walmart is powered by Snapfish's software for their photo book service. To see a review of what that service is like and how it works, go to our Snapfish Photo Book Review Page.

Walmart Photo Book Sizes

The prices given are based on a 20 page book with printing on both sides of the pages. Additional pages are available for an extra charge. The price given is the lowest price for that size category.
8x8 22.52
8.5x11 17.96
12 x 12 45.22
5x7 6.96

For a more detailed size and cover pricing comparison, please visit Photo Book Covers and Sizes

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