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Pregnancy Memory Book Ideas:
The Three Stages of Pregnancy Photo Book

Like the idea of creating a pregnancy memory book that you can share with your child as he or she grows? It's a wonderful way to celebrate the new arrival to your family!

When planning your pregnancy photo book, there are three stages of pregnancy that can be highlighted in a baby photo book or baby album:
  • Pre-delivery
  • Delivery (the hospital pre-birth experience), and
  • Post delivery
  • Having a new baby is a special family time and a newborn is probably photographed as much as a bride. If you want to get a whole picture of the experience to share with everyone, a pregnancy memory book is a wonderful way to expand on that theme, as there are many more pictures you could take. If you follow the three stages of pregnancy you would be able to show the whole birth excitement that started long before your delivery.

    It's a wonderful way to show your child, as he or she grows, how estatic you are to have him or her in your life!

    Where to Make Pregnancy Memory Books

    The best places to get pregnancy scrapbooks and the like made are with photo book printers. Most of the major photo book printers and publishers offer special covers, pages, layouts, and more for baby books and pregnancy books.

    Check some of the links read more about the different baby books available at different publishers.

  •'s personalized baby and pregnancy photo books
  •'s Photo Customized Baby Books, Annoucements, and Cards
  • Kodak's Baby Photo Books and Gifts
  • Photo Ideas for a Pregnancy Memory Book

    Not sure what to include? Here are some idea for great pregnancy pictures you might like to include in your pregnancy photo book:

    Pre-Delivery Pictures

    When planning to put together a pregnancy memory book, start snapping photos as soon as you can-- from when you get the big news to when you head for the hospital. If it is your first child, you go from being a married couple to a family during this journey. If it isn't your first child, you will be preparing the family to accept a new member.

    Some ideas to use in your pregnancy photo book to highlight the pregnancy experience could include:

  • Delivering the news to family and friends
  • Ultrasound Results (You can either scan the ultrasound or take a picture of it)
  • Series of pictures showing the changes in the mother (belly explosion!)
  • Preparing the baby's room
  • Baby Showers – if you have a big one, it could be a book in itself, but a few pictures would be great in the baby book too
  • Delivery Pictures

    When thinking ahead to your pregnancy memory book, you'll see you have lots of time to plan. Start taking photos when labor begins – it is a time when you aren't in control of timing so this is when all that planning will come in handy! You might want to think beforehand what would be good to include-- and how personal you want your pregnancy photo book to get.

    Just remembering to pack the camera is a good start. There will be times that go by so fast that you won't be able to take pictures. Then there are times that seem to drag by. Discussing ahead of time how much you want photographed is a good idea. During the excitement of the moment some pictures could be snapped that you might not really want! So discuss this beforehand with your photographer/partner/friend, and remember to bring the camera!

    Post-Delivery Pictures

    These are the pregnancy photos you'll have a thousand copies of-- they will be taken by everyone! This is the time from delivery to when you get home and settled. During this period, people are visiting and the baby is the star of the show! The first pictures taken of your baby after birth are so important because your baby will not look that way for long. Here are some picture ideas:
  • Baby being weighed for the first time
  • The three of you – Mom, Dad, and Baby
  • The Family
  • Hospital visitors
  • Hospital staff with your baby – especially if there was a special person on the staff you might want to remember
  • Leaving the hospital and going home
  • Meeting big brother(s) or sister(s) for the first time
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