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Photo Books in Canada:
Finding a Photo Book Canada Printer

Looking to make a digital photo book? Canadians have several good options for printing photo books in Canada.

Why Shop Canadian? Lots of photo book printers DO ship to Canada. But there's a good reason to shop locally if you can: when you do not choose to use a Canadian company for photo books, you may have to pay higher shipping charges or have your book delayed through Customs. No fun at all.

Below, I'll go over the various sources for priting a photobook in Canada. But if you've found one of your own or want to review its service, please do it at the bottom of this page!

Your Options for Printing Photo Books in Canada

There are more and more Canada photo book printing options every year. But you'll always have two main choices for making and buying photo books in Canada. You can:

  1. Choose a Canadian photo book site, or
  2. Use a major photo book site that has created custom ordering pages for Canadians

Canadian Sources for Photo Books

I first started reviewing only photo book printers who were based in the US, but have heard from several people in Canada who are also looking a good Canada photo book source. Although the Canadian photo book printing services I talk about below are not currently reviewed on my Photo Book Review Page, they will be soon.

This list includes some Canadian companies that I have not been reviewed for their photo book software, and some companies that originate in the U.S. and have a Canadian site.

The U.S. companies will be using the same software that is reviewed here. Many of these sites are in both English and French.

Camera Canada

Foto Source

iPhoto Canada

Kodak Gallery Canada

My Memory Book

Photobook Canada

Shoppers Drug Mart - EasyPix

Snapfish Canada

Treasure Book

Walmart Canada

Do you live in Canada and ordered a photo book?

Are you a Canadian who has tried to order a photo book and had a lot of trouble finding a good supplier? Do you know of a good photo book printer who provides books in Canada?

If you do, please share your experience with us.

What Other Visitors Have Said

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

PhotoinPress Canadian Photo Books 
Yes I am Canadian and have used the american publishers, Mixbook and Shutterfly, both of which I am satisfied with. However the lengthy waiting period …

Quality Comparison of Photo Books 
I live in Canada and wanted to check out what options were available to me, so I wrote a rather huge review to talk about them. :-) … Customer Review 
I was extremely disappointed with this company! Last year I had 6 books printed and they were fairly good. This year I worked for months to produce …

Kodak Gallery Canada Not rated yet
Kodak Gallery Canada does not offer the photo book design flexibility as found on the American site as I found out after attempting to create the same … Great service and great pictures Not rated yet
I ordered a photobook and I got it within a week, the picture quality was great and turnaround time was fantastic.

PhotoBook Canada Review Not rated yet
I was very impressed by a photo book that my great niece made for a family trip to the BVI on a bare boat cruise we all made together. It was by My publisher …

Photo in Press located in Montreal Quebec Canada- Photo Books Not rated yet
Amazing quality photo books in Canada and the service is the best. Quick service-- received book within a couple of days. Have many layouts to choose …

PhotoinPress Photo Books Not rated yet
I have used this service 3 times now and each book has turned out beautifully. I like the hard cover 8.75 x 11.25 size with the photowrap cover which …

Another Treasure Book Photo Book Fan Not rated yet
Dear Linda, I recently used a Canadian company in B.C. called to produce a photo book of our family home. Our family has lived in this …

Treasure Books Not rated yet
Hands down, my choice would be Treasure Books They are local, and they do a amazing job. Fast, accurate, great prices, …

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