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Memory Escape Review:
Memory Escape Photo Books

Memory Escape has a very straightforward interface to make your photo books. The software is online and you must first upload your photos that you want in the book. Once you decide on the size of the book you will get a chance to either use autofill and have the software place the pictures, or you will be able to do them yourself.

The Photo Book Design Process

The design is a little inflexible because each theme has a set layout. If the theme you choose has only one picture on the page you need to change the theme for another page if you want to have more pictures, or you can add more pictures to the page, but you cannot resize or move the original picture. It makes for a very awkward design process.

There is limited navigation or saving of your book during the design process. If you are called away during the middle of the book you have to pretend you are going to order the book in order to save it. The only way possible to get back to the home page was to click on the Memory Escape icon and I returned to the Home Page. Fortunately, the book is saved automatically but the process is not intuitive.

Memory Escape Review: The Software

The photo book software at Memory Escape is fairly easy to follow and is good for someone who does not want to do much of the design themselves. People who want a high degree of creativity might be a little disappointed in their choices. You are walked through the process of designing a project, and there is only one way to get to many of the screens. This is a bit different from some other photo book printers where you have more than one way you can get to your projects.


Paper Weight 100# matte text
Max. # of Pages 48
Shipping for one book Varies
Mac Compatible? Yes

Updated: May 11, 2010

Memory Escape Photo Book Review

What is the Quality of the Photo Books?

The review on this page only reviews the software that you use to make your photo book. In order to review the quality of the photo book you receive or the quality of any help please go to Photo Book Experiences. Here you will find what other people have said about different printer/publishers. These reviews have been broken out by each individual publisher.

The quality of these comments are only helpful if Make Your Own Photo Books site visitors take the time to leave comments about their experiences. Please pay it forward to other site visitors by taking the time to leave a comment (good or bad)if you have made a photo book.

Comparative Photo Book Software Review

Background Themes 5 categories with 3 to 4 themes within each category
Layout Variety There are only a few layouts for each theme.
JPG as a Background No
Digi-Scrapbooking Friendly No
In-book Editing Flip, rotate, crop, and auto fix.
Text - variety and Full Page No full page with limited variety. The text boxes are small. You can add text balloons.
Embellishments and Corners Yes, a limited number are supplied.
Full-Page Bleed No
Final Grade C

For an explanation of the Feature Set Review

Photo Book Sizes

The prices given are based on a 20 page book with printing on both sides of the pages. Additional pages are available for an extra charge. The price given is the lowest price for that size category.
5x5 12.99
7x5 17.99
8x8 34.99
11x8.5 38.99
12x12 69.99

For a more detailed pricing, please visit Photo Book Covers and Sizes

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