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Mac Compatible Photo Book Software

by Mary

Can you advise which reviews for photobooks are MAC compatible?

Thank you....this is great information!

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Mar 04, 2015
thanks NEW
by: Ross

Actually, I don’t use a Mac at home, so it’s kind of a tough call for me to suggest you one. Even my friends are using the ordinary PCs which are running based on the windows platforms. automobile repair shop in hollywood

Nov 15, 2013
my free photo book software NEW
by: Yonex Sterno

you can get this software for free, got mine from

Mar 19, 2013
Best/easiest Mac compatible services NEW
by: Connie

I realize most photo services SAY they are Mac compatible, but from personal experience, can anyone point me to a service that was designed with Macs in mind? (That is, other than iPhoto, which seems to have yielded the field to others by not updating or expanding.) I have a project in mind that involves hundreds of photos and do not want to commit to a photo service that was adapted but not designed for Mac use.

Jul 25, 2012
RocketLife Runs on Mac NEW
by: RocketLife

RocketLife photo software runs on Mac OS 10.5 and newer. It requires an Intel-based Mac.

We offer both desktop and online versions. The online version requires Safari.

Here's the download page, with information on the advantages of each:

Happy photobook making,


Jan 03, 2010
Is MyPublisher
by: Anonymous

Has anyone had difficulty using MyPublisher (photo books) with the Mac? I used it and it crashed frequently.

Jul 01, 2009
by: Anonymous

Sadly, Picaboo is not MAC Compatible.

Jun 19, 2009
MyCreation has Mac software
by: Tony Reynolds

MyCreation is a UK based site that has free software download for PC and Mac. The software is actually very good and I have enjoyed using it...

Jun 03, 2009
Mac Compatible Software for Photo Book Publishers
by: Linda

Editors Note: Tablo has been removed from the list because they are no longer making photo books. Picaboo is coming out with a Mac version - sometime - and this will be updated when it does.

We've been planning to do this, but your question helped us do this now instead of having it on our "To Do" list.

The following publishers have been verified to be Mac compatible. If a publisher is not included on the list, that does not mean that it is not Mac compatible, but just that we were unable to verify that they were. If you have any more input we would love to hear it!!

Mac Compatible Photo Book Publishers:
Kodak Gallery
Memory Escape

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