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Leather Photo Books:
Digital Photo Albums, Leather Bound

Nothing quite highlights the importance of a special occassion quite like leather photo books.

These sorts of photo books are more expensive than their hardcover or softcover twins, but they also tend to be higher quality, last longer, and look a lot nicer.

The truth is, if you have a not-too-small budget for making a digital photo album, leather bound photo books are always going to be the most popular and impressive item.

Where to Buy Leather Photobooks

When it comes to getting your digital photo albums leather bound, most of the major photo book printers can do it for you. And for a huge range of different pricing options. Below, I'll go over the three most popular of the leather photo book printing services out there, what kind of leather bound photo albums they offer, and how to make your choice.

More About Top-Quality Leather Photo Books: If you're looking for a leather bound photo book and extra special binding and paper, you'll want to check out my page on high quality photo books.

Picaboo Leather Photo Books

If you're looking for the best quality leather bound digital photo album, the number one out there has got to be from

Piacboo also offers the most choice in their leather-bound photo books. They range in price from $39.99 all the way up to a very dramatic $449.99 for their Flush Mount Leather Photobook, (which is generally used for a top-quality wedding photo book).

Piacboo's Book Styles

All-in-all, Picaboo's leather photo book covers and styles number four. Some of their models have just a couple color and/or texture choices, and others have up to 12.

Picaboo's "Classic Leather" Photo Book

This photo book come in 12 different shades of leather with either a "croc" or flat finish, and a die-cut center with a custom photo.

The cheapest of their leather book, this one starts at $39.99, only available in 8.5x11".

Picaboo Classic Leather Photo Book

Picaboo Regency Leather Bound Photo Book Picaboo's Regency Photo Album, Leather Bound

The Regency leather bound photo book comes in brown or black, with padded leather cover and embedded photo.

This book is a bit pricier, starting at $69.99 for an 8.5x11" book

Picaboo's Leather-Bound "Ranch" Photo Book

This photo book comes with a simple distressed leather cover in either brown or white, with an embossed stamp and special lay-flat pages. It's sort of rustically elegant.

Now we're getting expensive: this high quality leather photo book is $199.99 for a 6x8" and $299.99 for an 8.5x11"

Ranch Photo album leather bound

Flush Mount Leather Photo Book from Picaboo Piacboo's "Flush Mount" Top Quality Leather Photo Book

This is the top of the top for photo books, anywhere. Special flush mount pages, great leather cover, perfect for a leather wedding photo book.

Crazy expensive, but worth it. $349.99 for 8.5x11" and $449.99 for 11x14"
8.5x11 "Classic" Leather Bound Album, Die Cut $ 39.99
8.5x11 "Regency" Leather Cover Photo Book, Die-Cut $ 69.99
8.5x11 "Ranch" Leather Bound Photo Book, Full grain genuine leather $ 299.99
6x8 "Ranch" Leather Bound Photo Book, Full grain genuine leather $ 199.99
8.5x11 "Flush Mount" Best Quality Leather Photo Album $349.99
11x14 "Flush Mount" Best Quality Leather Photo Album $449.99
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MyPublisher Leather PhotoBooks

Another good photo book printer for leather photobooks is While they provide fewer options than at Picaboo, you can get leather covers at MyPublisher with both classic and deluxe photobooks, and with lay-flat pages.

MyPublisher Classic Leather PhotoBook

This leather photo book comes available in Black or British Brown, and is made from imported Spanish leather. Available both in the "Classic" book style and the "Deluxe."

Available in two different sizes, with the 8.75"x11.25" Classic starting at $49.75 and the 11.25"x15" deluxe starting at $89.75.

A leather photobook from mypublisher

Shutterfly Leather PhotoBooks

Shutterfly's Leather Classic Photo Book

This leather covered photo book from Shutterfly comes with a die-cut custom photo window and several different colors (these occasionlly change).

Comes in three sizes, 8x8" and 8x11" are both $39.99, and the 12x12" is $69.99

12x12 Leather Memory Book $ 69.99
8x8 Leather Story Book $ 39.99
8.5x11 Leather Die-Cut Classic $ 39.99
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Kodak Gallery Leather Bound Photo Albums

Kodak Gallery's Leather Cover Photo Book

This leather cover photo book comes in black or brown, and has a die-cut custom photo front.

Available only in Kodak's "medium" size, $39.99 for a 9x10.25" leather photo album.

Leather, Linen and Matte Cover Classic Personalized Photo Book 9x10 1/4

Kodak Gallery
9x10.25 Classic - Leather $ 39.99
14x12 Legacy - Leather Cover $ 69.99
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You can also find leather photo books at some of the other printers. Or, if you like the idea of a more hands-on approach, simply get your digital photos printed and put them into into a photo album. Leather bound photo albums look just as nice as photo books!

Want to read more about some of the high quality leather photo books on the market?


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