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Inkubook Photo Book Review

Inkubook had recently added some features, requiring a new update to my Inkubook review. They've added lots of nice new features and photo books sizes the last time they were reviewed.

Another positive among all the new offerings at Inkubook? This phot obook printer has still kept its prices low. They have also added more themes and ideas for creating your photo book.

An Overview of Inkubook

Overall, I had a nice time putting together an Inkubook review. It is a fun photo book printer to work with, and they have an easy to use photo book software.

The photo book software needs Microsoft Silverlight to run, so you'll need to do a one-time download of this plug-in. It is a small download and doesn't take very long. After you have downloaded Silverlight you will be able to use the Inkubook online book creation software. Most features are drag and drop and easy for everyone to use.

Sharing and Collaboration

Another new addition to this Inkubook review it the ability to collaborate. This photo book printer now provides sharing and collaboration features. You can share your book online with people you invite, view your friends books that they've shared, and ask people to collaborate on your book by providing pictures. Collaboration is a great feature since there are times when you aren't the only one with a camera and you know that there are pictures that would be a good addition to your book. Two good examples of this would be a sports team or wedding.

Help and Customer Service

If you do get stuck while working on your book, they have a FAQs page that will handle most questions. They also have email support, and during business hours you can get a live chat session or call in for phone support. So as far as assistance goes --an imporant part of an Inkubook review-- you're well covered.

InkuBook Photo Book Specifications

Paper Weight 100# archival quality silk paper
Max. # of Pages 120
Shipping for one book $8.99
Mac Compatible? Only on Intel Mac

Reviewed: March 3, 2010

Inkubook Photo Book Review

What is the Quality of the Photo Books?

The review on this page only reviews the software that you use to make your photo book. In order to review the quality of the photo book you receive or the quality of any help please go to Photo Book Experiences. Here you will find what other people have said about different printer/publishers. These reviews have been broken out by each individual publisher.

The quality of these comments are only helpful if Make Your Own Photo Books site visitors take the time to leave comments about their experiences. Please pay it forward to other site visitors by taking the time to leave a comment (good or bad)if you have made a photo book.

Comparative Photo Book Software Review

Publisher Inkubook
Background Themes Wide variety
Layout Variety Good variey
JPG as Background No
Digi-Scrapbooking Yes
In-book Editing Limited to move, rotate, and resize
Text Variety Good Variety, including full page.
Embell/Corners Photo borders with a wide choice of colors.
Full-page Bleed Yes
Total Points 12
Final Grade A

For an explanation of the Feature Set Review

Inkubook Photo Book Sizes

The prices given are based on a 20 page book with printing on both sides of the pages. Additional pages are available for an extra charge. The price given is the lowest price for that size category.
11x11 49.95
11x8.5 29.95
8.5x11 29.95
8.5x8.5 24.95
7x5 19.95
8.5x11 19.95
8.5x8.5 14.95
7x5 9.95

For a more detailed pricing, please visit Photo Book Covers and Sizes

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