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How Do I Print My Own Cookbook:
Creating a Family Cookbook

You're certainly not the first person out there to ask: "How do I print my own cookbook?" After all, food is something that really connects us with family... but, sadly, keeping up with all those family recipes you love can be hard to do.

Homemade Family Cookbook
Making and printing your own family cookbook can actually be a lot easier than you might think-- the only truly difficult part will be assembling and organizing all your recipes... and narrowing down which ones you want!

You have plenty of choices depending on how large you want to make the book, whether to add photos, and whether you are looking for a few homespun copies of your homemade cookbook or a larger number of professional-looking copies.

What's the Purpose of Your Cookbook?

The first step in knowing "how do I print my own cookbook" is asking another question: "why do I want to print my own cookbook?" You've got to know what you want when the project is finished!

The "Specs" for Your Book. Do you need 4 copies? 400? Color or black and white? Each printer will have their own limitations. If you want only text, then likely you will need a different printer from one who can handle images or special divider tabs.

Working with a Copy Shop

When you create a cookbook on your computer, the resulting PDF file can generally be published just exactly as the document appears. If you are skilled with word processing and layout then this can reduce your cost and give you greater control over the end product. Local copy shops can handle a few copies of simple text if you want three ring binders or simple comb bindings.

Working with an Online Photo Book Service

Larger sets of books, or nice-looking homemade cookbooks with pictures and graphics are more readily available at affordable prices through on-demand printers or photo book printing services. Especially if you only want a few copies of your cookbook (say, one for each family member) a photo book printer can be a good option, and many of them provide special templates for self-published family cookbooks.

Collecting Recipes for Your Cookbook

Once you have your idea firmly in place, start the second phase of your project... collecting the recipes. Normally, all it takes for a deluge of wonderful family recipes to come your way is a simple request... people love to share! The hard part is choosing and organizing the recipes you'll be using.

For some great tips on choosing recipes for your cookbook visit Tips for How to Make a Cookbook for some great ideas. Now, ready to get organized? Read on!

You can get your cookbook organized in a couple of different ways: with a purchased recipe software, or manually using MS Word or another word processing software.

Working with Recipe Management Software

Some brands of recipe management software can serve a double function of collecting the recipes and helping create a cookbook project from your input. The software you use may allow you to print single copies of a cookbook project, burn it to a CD, email it to friends, or to send your book as a PDF file to a photo book service for printing.

Some cookbook printers will accept handwritten items but make sure everything is legible and read the printer's submission instructions carefully.

Arranging Your Recipes Manually

Don't let the question, "How do I print my own cookbook without special software" become a stumbling block. You can also use just about any word processing program to type out (or copy-paste) each recipe and group them according to your cookbook's planned chapters or divisions.

Then, the creation of the actual cookbook will take place via the photo book printer you choose for your cookbook. Here's where you can get creative. Read on for more information about how to print your own cookbook via a photo book service.

Printing Your own Cookbook with a Photo Book Service

A cookbook printed at home Online photo book printing sites are created specifically for projects just like yours. They use a web-based custom software to help you enter your recipes, add photos and tidbits, pick your design and order a book. With some, you can even work with other people cooperatively and have them add recipes to your cookbook.

When you go to the websites of some of the major photo book publishers out there, you'll see that they're geared towards people looking to make photo memory books. But many of them have a huge amount of flexibility for adding text, photos, hand-written tidbits (like your great-grandmother's handwritten recipe for banana bread), etc.

For ease of use and the flexibility of the templates and designs, I like for making and printing your own cookbook, as they have specially-designed templates that work perfectly for this kind of book-- this can help a lot with setting up and organizing your cookbook.

There are other printers who also have something similar. Check out my photo book reviews page for some info on each one.

The Look and Feel of Your Cookbook

The better photo book printers offer a variety of book styles as well as a wide selection of background images. A Polynesian cookbook, for example, can have tropical backdrops for recipes and your favorite photo of a particular dish. A photo publishing site will generally ask you to select colors, themes and layout before adding recipes to text boxes you can insert onto each page. Once your project is complete, final ordering is also done online.

The answer to "How do I print my own cookbook" can be as simple or as complex as your project, but on-demand printers and photobook companies are making the process a heck of a lot easier. The end result with this type of project looks "finished" and makes a great gift idea-- the perfect way to honor old family recipes and celebrate new ones.

Looking to print your own cookbook? Lots of printers run specials all year-round. Check my coupon page to find today's best deals.

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