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Graduation Backgrounds and Templates for Photo Books

The graduation backgrounds and photo book templates you choose will be the backdrop of your son or daughter's high school years.

Any graduation photo book you make will, of course, show pictures and stories of your graduate's four year journey to adulthood... and the right graduation photo book templates will make the difference between a boring photo book and a "wow" one.

While we could only find a few publishers with actual backgrounds for a graduation photo book, these samples should make looking a little easier.

Keep in mind though, that there are lots non graduation-specific templates and themes you could use. Think about things like your grad's favorite colors, the school colors, a sport he or she played, etc. There are tons of ideas out there!

OurHubbub Graduation Photo Book Themes offers two different Graduation themes: Graduation Fun and Graduation Traditional. Although Graduation Fun has 56 different backgrounds and Graduation Traditional has 44, we are showing you only a small sample of what OurHubbub has to offer.

OurHubbub Graduation Fun
Graduation Fun

OurHubbub Graduation Traditional
Graduation Traditional

Picaboo Graduation Photo Album Templates also offers two themes: Graduation Celebration and Bohemian Graduation.

Picaboo Graduation Celebration
Graduation Celebration
Picaboo Bohemian Graduation
Bohemian Celebration

PhotoWorks Graduation Backgrounds

PhotoWorks offers two different graduation themes: Star Grad and Classic Grad.

PhotoWorks Star Grad
Star Grad

PhotoWorks Classic Grad
Classic Grad

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