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Fall Photo Book Templates, Layouts, and Backgrounds

Looking to create a scrapbook this fall, or a digial fall photo book? Here, you'll find a ton of fall and autumn themed templates and layouts for a photo book or photo album-- a wonderful way to celebrate the season.

Why have a whole page on fall photo albums? While we already have an entire page about Thanksgiving photo book backgrounds and templates here, and another all about creating photo books for Halloween, there is a lot of fun that occurs in the Fall outside of these holidays. For this reason we have included a section on the rest of the Fall Season for you to use to help decide which photo book printer you want to use.

What to Put in a Fall Photo Book

While you can make a special photo book to celebrate Thanksgiving or Halloween, I love the idea of doing just one photo book that celebrates the season. There are a lot of things that you can include here, such as:
  • Going Back to School
  • Changing of Fall Leaves
  • The First Snow
  • Raking and Playing in Leaves
  • Falltime activities (baking, hiking, etc.)
  • Falltime football games
  • MyPublisher, Inc.

    As you read on, you'll see some of the fall photo books and templates available from some of the major photo book printers out there. They work great if you want to do an entire fall photo book, or just want dedicate a few pages in your photo-book to the autumn season.

    OurHubbub's Autumn Photo Books

    OurHubbub Photo Books offers two themes: Autumn Fun and Autumn Traditional. Autumn Fun has 38 images and Autumn Traditional has 44, but we've brought you only a sampling of both.

    OurHubbub Autumn Fun
    Autumn Fun

    OurHubbub Autumn Traditional
    Autumn Traditional

    Picaboo's Fall Photo Book Templates

      has several fall photo album templates, including: Autumn in the Country, A Thankful Heart, Autumn Leaves, and Autumn Splendor
    Picaboo Autumn in the Country Picaboo A Thankful Heart
    Autumn in the Country A Thankful Heart
    Picaboo Autumn Leaves Picaboo Autumn Splendor
    Autumn Leaves Autumn Splendor

    These are just the ones included in their general photo books. But there are thousands of user-created backgrounds and templates in their template library. Go here to read our page about using Picaboo's different photobook backgrounds.

    MyCanvas's Autumn Photo Books

    MyCanvas Photo Books carries three very nice sets in this category: Autumn Holidays, Autumn Sunrise and Fall Leaves.

    MyCanvas Autumn Holidays
    Autumn Holidays

    MyCanvas Autumn Sunrise
    Autumn Sunrise

    MyCanvas Fall Leaves
    Fall Leaves

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