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Make Your Own Baby Book:
Create and Print a Baby Photo Memory Book

Want to make your own baby book, but aren't a total scrapbooking genius? With digital photography, you will be taking hundreds of photos of your baby.

Some of these photos will cry out to be preserved for the future... along with the larger story of pregnancy, birth, and the growing child. Don't get caught in the trap of capturing your child in pictures without ever doing something meaningful with the photos!

The baby photo memory book ideas here will really help you figure out how to share and use all those gorgeous photos of your baby... and create a keepsake baby memory book that you will tresure forever. All with easy to use online programs that will help your create a beautiful, personalized baby keepsake book without a lot of glue-ing or crafting.

Different Kinds of Baby Memory Books

Adorable Baby Photo Memory Book KeepsakeIf you're looking to make your own baby book, there are many different baby photo memory books that you can make - each with a different purpose. Some of these different types of photo books are:
  • Baby brag books
  • Baby memory books
  • Baby record book
  • Baby scrapbooks
  • Each of these different make-your-own baby book ideas has a different purpose, although of course you can share or organize your pictures in any of them.

    Creating a Baby Keepsake Book

    Create a Baby Brag Book:

    This is a small book that is portable and holds recent pictures of your baby. When you want to make your own baby book, this one is probably simplest to make (and the cheapest baby book). The name says it all -- this book is simply pictures that let you "brag" about your cute and adorable little one. It's simple to create a unique, personalized Baby Brag Book.

    Baby Memory Book:

    Baby memory books are usually more involved books, and can have several different themes. Want to get a baby memory book created for your own child? On our baby memory book page, you'll find information on which photo book publishers have already created a themed baby memory book to save you time in choosing which publisher to use for your project.

    Baby Memory Scrapbook Theme Idea
    Create a Baby Scrapbook:

    A baby scrapbook can be made using one of the photo book publishers we review. Scrapbooking takes advantage of different backgrounds and layouts to help create a unique page for your baby. Using a photo book to create your scrapbook can be a huge time saver to a new parent, since you can do everything online, and simply glue in or add in pieces as you go along.

    Creative Baby Photo Memory Book Ideas

    When you plan to make your own baby book, remember: there are not only different types of photo books, but there are also different baby photo book themes and concepts.

    But the difference may be hard to understand, unless you see examples.

    Some Great Baby Memory Book Themes

    1. Baby & Pregnancy Memory Book:

    One of my favorite ideas for a baby memory keepsake book is the pregnancy baby book. There are three stages of pregnancy that can be covered in a photo book. These stages are:

  • Predelivery news and preparation
  • The delivery event
  • The period of post delivery adjustment in the hospital
  • Each stage calls for different types of pictures. You can check this page out for suggestions.

    2. Baby's First Year Record Book:

    Baby's first year includes pictures from the beginning through the first year, along with developmental changes and activities. This can be done in a month-by-month format where the developmental changes and accomplishments of the baby can be seen, or you can focus on the firsts that the baby accomplishes. This can be easily organized in a baby record book.

    3. Toddler Memory Book:

    When your little one is up and about, walking and talking... there are even more memories to record! A toddler photo book is dedicated to celebrating this hectic and wonderful time in your child's life.

    4. Fun and Colorful Themed Baby Book Pages:

    Looking for just the right background or when you make your own baby book? Be sure to check out Baby Book Page Themes and Backgrounds and see what some of the personalized baby book printing services have to offer in this category.

    Having a new baby is an exciting time for the family! Try and find the time to organize and share the many pictures that you are taking... both you and your child will thank you for it in the future.

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