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Baby Brag Book: Ideas for a Baby Brag Photo Book

A baby brag book is the perfect way to share pictures with families and friends. Grandparents will certainly want one. Parents should have one, too.

But what is a baby brag flip book or pocket book? Really, this is just a way to refer to any small photo album that is the right size to slip into a purse or coat pocket, and usually only has one or two pictures per page.

Digital photo baby books are perfect for making these. You can either use a small one that is printed on magazine quality paper, or use something that is sometimes called a flipbook, which is a bound set of pictures. Both will fit the ticket, and which one you choose will be based on personal tastes.

Types of Baby Brag Books

There are lots of small photo books that work well as baby books-- they're little enough to carry almost anywhere. The main two types of baby brag books are the flip book, and the small softcover baby photo book. Read on to learn a bit about both.

Baby Brag Flip Books

Flip books are generally the simplest and most inexpensive of your baby photo book options. They come with simple photo book layouts, custom covers (usually), and are generally spiral-bound.

The spiral binding is good on two fronts: it makes for a very cheap baby book, and it makes for a very "flippable" baby flip book. A good option if you just want something small and cheap to carry around.

Baby Flip Book Tip: If you are making a very small book like most of the flip books here, keep you pictures simple. They work great for close-ups but don't do well on larger group shots.

Baby Brag Pocket Books

A pocket baby brag book is generally a softcover custom digital photo book that differentiates itself from a standard photo book simply by its size. These mini baby photo books range from 2x3" to 5x7"

Shutterfly Baby Flip Books

Shutterfly's spiral bound baby brag books are called "Snapbooks" are are available in two sizes:

  • 4x6" for $9.99, and
  • 5x7" for $14.99
  • These books are simple but nice-looking, with 8 different styles and a choice on each page between full-page photos, or photos with captions.

    Shutterfly Baby Brag Pocket Books

    Shutterfly's 5x7 Softcover Baby Photo Book lets you put lots of photos or just a few, and gives you the option of a nice custom cover.

    This mini baby photo book is small enough to carry around, but not so small that you don't see any detail. A good large baby brag book option.

    Kodak Gallery's Baby Brag Pocket Books

    5x5" Pocket Photo Book at Kodak Gallery:

    This soft cover 5x5 photo book is easy to carry around. Also easy to fill with pics-- takes only minutes with autofill. Or add photos yourself.

    Kodak Pocket Book Baby Brag Book

    PhotoWorks's Baby Brag Pocket Books

    This mini baby brag book from PhotoWorks is actually a hardcover baby book. But at only 4 1/4" x 4 1/4", it's little enough to take anywhere.

    This simple baby picture digital photo book has room for one photo on each page.

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