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Winkflash Review:
Winklash Photo Book Printing Service

When reading through this Winkflash review, there's one important idea to keep in mind: Winkflash is much more popular for its inexpensive photo prints that it is for its photo books.

However, Winkflash has recently increased their book size options so they have more to offer in the way of photo books and digital photo albums.

Winkflash's Photo Book Software

The first thing I noticed when starting this Winkflas review is that their software is simply not as advanced as some of the other photo book printers out there. So while this might be fine if you're looking for a very simple to use and inexpensive program, it's probably not going to give you the prettiest or most creative photo book.

The Creation Process While the software might be simple, one thing that would make make this Winkflash review not-so-positive is its speed: slow. There is a long-ish load time for each picture that really slows you down while designing the book. I decided to try to make a book by using autofill. They only use one layout in autofill and there is a considerable load time to view another page.

Backgrounds and Layouts

While they do offer around 100 different backgrounds and templates at Winkflash, most of the backgrounds are just a plain color. The layouts are limited and there is no option to create your own layout.

They recently had a marvelous sale on a Flatrate for 20 to 100 pages in the 10x8 book. This was a great time to make a few family history books. My first frustration came while trying to use their picture Transporter. It was not easy getting items "out" of the transporter and into folders. Then for some reason the software wanted me to use another uploader, and this seemed to work ok. I was a little frustrated with their lack of layouts, but in the end I was unable to make a book because the pictures I had scanned were not showing up with enough resolution to print.

Winkflash Help and Customer Service

If you need help getting started with your book they do have a video tutorial. They now have Customer Service Live Support on M-F from 10am to 9pm, which is always a reassuring thing to have: it means you get quick answers to your questions.

What We Think of Winkflash

If you have your pictures uploaded onto Winkflash already and want a very plain book, you'll probably be happy with your experience making your own photo book at Winkflash. If, on the other hand, you want to design your own book with a bit of flair, color, and style, you'd probably have more fun

Winkflash Photo Book Options and Specifications

Paper Weight Not Available
Max. # of Pages Not Available
Mac Compatible? Not Available

Updated: August 13, 2010

Winkflash Photo Book Review

What is the Quality of the Photo Books?

The review on this page only reviews the software that you use to make your photo book. In order to review the quality of the photo book you receive or the quality of any help please go to Photo Book Experiences. Here you will find what other people have said about different printer/publishers. These reviews have been broken out by each individual publisher.

The quality of these comments are only helpful if Make Your Own Photo Books site visitors take the time to leave comments about their experiences. Please pay it forward to other site visitors by taking the time to leave a comment (good or bad)if you have made a photo book.

Comparative Photo Book Software Review

Background Themes Around 100
Layout Variety Limited - only 30 total
JPG as a Background No
Digi-Scrapbooking Friendly Yes
In-book Editing No
Text - Variety and Full Page An adequate variety including full page text.
Embellishments and Corners A few corners
Full-Page Bleed Yes
Final Grade C+

For an explanation of the Feature Set Review

Photo Book Sizes

The prices given are based on a 20 page book with printing on both sides of the pages. Additional pages are available for an extra charge. The price given is the lowest price for that size category.
8x8 12.95
8x10 18.95
10x8 18.95
12 x 12 26.95

For a more detailed pricing, please visit Photo Book Covers and Sizes

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